Kresge's student research poster gallery

Kresge’s student research poster gallery

“ … that, for me, was part of the joy, – pushing myself to figure out, – oh, how DO you write a science paper, or how do you make a project work?  And then to write about that.”  - Saara-Anne Azizi ’14

Kresge Library has a lot of wonderful exhibits – from our colorful community art wall to the great exhibits researched and curated by undergraduate Presidential Scholars, highlighting objects from the King Collection of historic scientific instruments.

In this quiet study area in Kresge’s stacks, we display the top student research posters from two major research events on campus – the Sigma Xi/Christopher G. Reed Science Competition held in conjunction with the Wetterhahn Science Symposium, and the Graduate Student Poster Session held as part of Graduate Student Appreciation Week.

SigmaXi Poster Winners

Winners of the Sigma Xi/Christopher Reed Science competition talk about their research

This year, we videotaped short interviews with the winners of the undergrad Sigma Xi/Chris Reed competition, which we’ve posted along with the “Let’s Talk Research” interviews with the four graduate student poster winners – take a listen!

There aren’t many places on campus where you can study surrounded by such a concentrated display of talent, hard work, and motivation.  Thinking of submitting a poster, or doing honors research, or going to grad school?   Come take a look at what your peers have done and are doing!

Beaver Pond, White Mountains, New Hampshire

Welcome back! The past couple of weeks were abuzz with excitement as we welcomed the Class of 2018, new graduate students, and new faculty to campus. Kresge is as quiet as ever (great for studying!) so come on over to the third floor of Fairchild.

Our Fall hours (also posted on the entrances) are as follows:

  • Monday – Thursday 8am – 1am
  • Friday 8am – 8pm
  • Saturday 11am – 10pm
  • Sunday 11am – 1am

If you are looking for course reserves or need to borrow a laptop charger, please inquire at the front desk. We even carry molecular model kits, protractors, calculators, and headphones!

Welcome, Class of 2018!

Save the date! This Thursday from 4-5:30 in Baker-Berry Library.

Get a jump start on your college career by exploring everything the Library has to offer. Stop by the Kresge Library table and grab some cool swag!


Come join us at Kresge Library as we celebrate 40 years! Save the date:

Friday, September 19 at 1-2:30pm.

Join us for cake & refreshments, and enjoy our display of photos from Kresge’s past (including some familiar faces and photos from the stacks ‘flood’ in the summer of ’83).

Kresge40_whitePosterThis poster was printed by Sarah Smith (Book Arts Program).

Caltech and The Feynman Lectures Website has released an online edition of all three volumes of The Feynman Lectures on Physics.  This online, read-only feynmanversion is accessible and designed for ease of reading on a variety of devices and includes zoomable figures and equations.  The well-designed website is a great supplement to Kresge’s Feynman collection. Search the library catalog by author to see our complete holdings.


Volume I – Mainly Mechanics, Radiation and Heat

Volume II – Mainly Electromagnetism and Matter

Volume III – Quantum Mechanics


On August 4, 2014, the DOE released its Public Access Plan to outline the department’s approach and policies to make publications and research data resulting from DOE funding more accessible to the public. This plan is in direct response to the February 2013 Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) Memorandum, Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research and is intended to increase innovation, opportunities, and accelerate scientific breakthroughs by making research more publicly accessible. The Public Access Plan overs the scope, requirements, implementation and timeline, for both publications and scientific digital data.




To help implement the plan, the department has launched PAGES – the Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science – a portal and search engine to ensure long term access and preservation to DOE funded scholarly publications. The agency anticipates that links and metadata for more than 20,000 articles and accepted manuscripts per year will be uploaded, with full-text being available after a 12- month embargo. Questions surrounding reuse and implementation have been raised, but some good conversations have been started around the policy.

The DOE has also announced that starting on October 1, 2014 a data management plan (DMP) will need to be submitted with all funding proposals. The Statement on Digital Data Management details information on creating a DMP, including guidance for researchers to manage their digital data –  including capture, analysis, sharing, and preservation – with the focus on sharing and archiving practices.

While there are some mixed reviews of the plan, the DOE is the first federal agency to make their plan public since the OSTP memo. All Federal agencies that spend more than $100 million a year in research will need to release plans, so check back for more information.

We are happy to announce that the Presentation Practice Studio is up and running and fully furnished. It’s located on the 3rd floor of Berry Library (room 368) right next to the Cook Mathematics Collection. Click here for the floor map (see #7).

The studio allows for easy recording, reviewing, and saving of presentations. An installed camera can be positioned to record a speaker throughout the room, including at the podium and in front of the flat panel display and white board.  You only need to bring a flash drive, or check one out from Jones Media Center, in order to use the equipment.

The Presentation Practice Studio can be booked through the Baker-Berry Study Rooms booking system.



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