Happy 155th, Daniel Barringer

“I naturally was very incredulous of the theory … that this great hole in the earth’s surface had been produced by the impact of an iron body falling out of space …” This week marks the 155th birthday of Daniel Moreau Barringer, the American geologist who explored the Barringer crater (then called Coon Mountain) in…


USGS Information on the Nepal Earthquake of April 25

The U.S. Geological Survey maintains a page with information and updates on the Nepal earthquake and aftershocks that includes an interactive map and downloadable .kml files for Google Earth viewing.  Separate sections provide scientific data and details. Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake in Nepal & Aftershocks  (USGS Science Features) USGS Earthquake Hazards Program Event Page Nepal Earthquake…


Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, the U.S. Geological Survey has published a great overview of the earth- and environment-related issues and challenges facing our planet.  Skim through these dozen slides for a quick review and some amazing images.


Math Drives Careers

This year’s theme for Mathematics Awareness Month is “Math Drives Careers!” Leave us a comment to this question: What math class(es) have you taken or are taking that support your career choice? I’ll start. By the time I finished my third year of undergrad, I knew I wanted to be an academic science librarian. Although…

art wall 0315 003

New Exhibit: Watercolors by Gregory J. Pajala

Come by Kresge to view our latest art exhibit, “Watercolors by Gregory J. Pajala.” About the Artist: Greg is a lifelong Vermont resident that has been making art in some shape or form throughout his life. He attributes his abilities to the fact that there were only three TV channels at his house growing up.…

pi day

Happy Pi Day!

Pi Day this year is especially significant because of the sequential digits and strategically placed separators! 3.14.15 9:26:53 Read more about it around the internet: All Things Pi (piday.org) Wackiest Celebrations (Time) Making Pies for Pi Day (NPR) Irrational Exuberance (Scientific American) Pi Day of the Century (Inside Higher Ed) Pi Day Is Party Day…