American Chemical Society Announces New Journal Publishing Agreement

The new Journal Publishing Agreement (JPA) replaces the previous ACS Copyright Status Form and clarifies ACS authors’ rights and responsibilities.   There are several key differences between the new JPA and the old ACS Copyright Status Form:

*   The new agreement specifically addresses what authors can do with the different versions of their manuscript (e.g. submitted works; accepted and published works) – with explicit guidelines as to their use in theses and collections, teaching and training, conference presentations, sharing with colleagues, and posting on websites and repositories.
*   The new agreement clarifies that the transfer of copyright in Supporting Information is nonexclusive. Authors may use or authorize the use of Supporting Information in which they hold copyright for any purpose and in any format.
*   The new agreement extends these rights and obligations to an author’s previously published work with ACS, as long as the same conditions of use are met.

ACS also outlines two pathways by which ACS authors can provide public access to their work.  ACS AuthorChoice provides authors or their funding agencies an opportunity to sponsor immediate, unrestricted online access to their final published article.   The second (at no cost) is ACS Articles on Request, which permits free distribution of journal article reprints online via author-directed links that are provided to the author when their article is published.

More information, including an FAQ and a schedule of rollout dates for individual journals, is posted on the ACS Author & Reviewer Resource Center.

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