There’s an elephant in the library.

The Library recently announced its partnership with HathiTrust, a digital collaborative venture among major research institutions with the aim of building a  comprehensive digital repository of published scholarship.

Take a look at the HathiTrust search page here.    Read more about HathiTrust here.

Built on the foundation of the 7 million books and journals digitized by the University of Michigan as part of the Google Books project, the content of HathiTrust will continue to grow as more research library partners join.

How can YOU use HathiTrust?

* Full-text search across all items in the repository (including public domain and in copyright works).   If you’re trying to find that two-page acetone extraction technique in a 600-page book,  a full-text book search could be helpful.  [Note that you will NOT be allowed to view full-text of in-copyright books.  Think of it as a finding aid.]

* Books in the public domain can be viewed full-text.  That’s a lotta books.   (More than 1.5 million.)

* If you have a disability that does not allow you to use printed books, special text versions of HathiTrust materials – including in-copyright books – can be made available to you.

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