“Technology Review” blogs about the arXiv

The Physics arXiv BlogYou may already know about Technology Review.  It is MIT’s technology magazine, and is the oldest technology magazine in the world (est. 1899).  You probably also know about the arXiv.  It is the massive pre-print server for papers in physics, mathematics, computer science, and related fields, originally hosted at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and now hosted at the Cornell University Library.  When you combine the informed, yet accessible, reporting from Technology Review with the newer-than-new scholarly papers in the arXiv, you get one pretty interesting blog.  The “Physics arXiv Blog” at the Technology Review website produces daily coverage of the best new ideas from the arXiv, physics section (at the rate of pre-print paper per day).

Also of note:  The Physics arXiv Blog recently covered a pre-print paper from the astrophysics section (ASTRO-PH) of the arXiv, co-authored by Hans-Reinhard Mueller (Dartmouth College Physics and Astronomy Department) and Priscilla Frisch  (University of Chicago).  The paper suggests that changes in the isotopes of some elements in the earth’s geologic record could hold clues about our sun’s journey through our galaxy, the Milky Way.  After being featured on the Physics arXiv Blog, ABC Science wrote about the research.

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