SciFinder @Dartmouth moves to the web Dec. 8th

Chemical Abstracts Service, creators of the chemical research database, SciFinder,  has announced the discontinuation of the desktop (client) version of SciFinder on June 30, 2011 for all U.S. and Canadian academic institutions, in favor of the web version.

Dartmouth access to SciFinder will transition over to the web version on December 8th, at 8:00am.   We made the decision to go ahead with this  transition for three reasons:

  • no point in putting it off,
  • it will relieve pressure on our four SciFinder ‘seats’ which at present are split between the web and the desktop versions, and
  • the web version of SciFinder has some nice features and advantages over the desktop version, which hasn’t been developed in some time.

Need help making the switch?   or just curious?  Come to one of the Kresge drop-in sessions below!

Friday, Nov. 19th — noon – 1pm
Tuesday, Nov. 30th — 9:00am-10:00am
Wednesday, Dec. 8th — 1pm-2pm

During these times I’ll be in the Kresge conference room with my laptop.   I can help you get registered, show you the basic layout of the web version and how to find the features you are familiar with from the desktop version, and answer any questions you might have.    I’ll have printed guides for you to take with you as well.   And maybe cookies.


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