Multiple formats, “Physics for Future Presidents”

Richard A. Muller is an Astrophysicist and a professor at UC Berkeley.  For many years, he has taught the “physics for poets” (real physics class, but aimed at non-science majors and others who may be mathematically “challenged”) class…to great acclaim.  Prof. Muller’s class has been so popular, in fact, that it spawned both a textbook (“Physics and Technology for Future Presidents“) and a popular science book (“Physics for Future Presidents“).

During the Fall semester of 2006, UC Berkeley captured Prof. Muller teaching his “Physics for Future Presidents” class, and the whole thing is available as a set of 27 streaming audio or video files, or as downloadable (MP3) audio files.  In addition to all of the podcast content, the course website is also available.  A brief description of the class (from the UC Berkeley course listing) includes the following statement:
“The most interesting and important topics in physics, stressing conceptual understanding rather than math, with applications to current events.”  That sounds pretty good…right?  Check it out.

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