Kresge’s best study spaces — stake your claim now

Where’s the best place to settle in for the last big push, that long hard stretch of desperate cramming for finals?  Kresge Library has some great study spaces for you to make your own:

  • Settle in to a sunny table by our big windows, earphones, energy drinks, whatever it takes.
  • Kresge’s group study room  — you can book it up to a week in advance for three hours at a stretch.
  • Study carrels.  Sometimes that’s what you need to get it done.   Ours are quiet with good chairs and lights.
  • Comfy comfy chairs.   We know, you’re just resting your eyes.
  • And last but not least, there’s a whole NEW study area back at the left end of the stacks, fresh paint, new desks and chairs, movable white board, —  it’ll make you smarter just to walk back there.

See you in Kresge!

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