Hoping for a good reaction …

CAS announces new enhancements to SciFinder that improve reaction searching.   Details and screenshots here, but here’s the nickel version:

The new SciFinder features allow you to …

  • View experimental procedures in context with a reaction.  Reaction answer sets from select journals and patents now contain full experimental procedure information, so you can quickly determine whether the reaction or synthetic strategy is applicable.  This coverage extends to 2005-2009 only.
  • Sort search results by relevance.  Reaction results can now beviewed from most to least relevant, bringing the most important information up to the top.
  • Search structures using SMILES and InChI strings.  You can save time drawing structures by converting InChI (International Chemical Identifier) or SMILES (Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification) text strings within the SciFinder drawing editor togenerate graphic representations of specific substances.

More about SMILES and InChI in another post, to ring in the New Year …

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