Book reviews in the Kresge Stacks

Book review in the stacks

A book review in the Kresge stacks

A new initiative is well underway in the Kresge stacks.  In an effort to highlight some of the fantastic books in the Kresge collection, we have begun posting brief book reviews for a handful of titles of interest.

At any given time, there are between 24 and 30 individual volumes highlighted with a brief review (and front-facing display) in the stacks.  In a staggered schedule, new book reviews are added (and old ones come down) each month.  The books are displayed as close to their actual stack location as possible (to avoid confusion)…so, from month to month you don’t know where you will find them.  You’ll just have to browse.  Which, of course, is the whole point.

We know there is great value in our book collection, and this is just one way that we are trying to remind you of this…so drop by any time and browse the Kresge stacks.

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