ScienceDirect’s New Image Search

OK, we admit it, we think this is pretty cool.

ScienceDirect (the scientific publishing platform for Elsevier Publishers) has released a new image search feature.   Now there’s an image search tab on the ScienceDirect search screen, so you can search for keywords specifically in graphs, tables, videos, figures published in Elsevier journals (and believe us, there are a lot of them … something like 2500 but who’s counting.)   Of course, you’re only searching within Elsevier content so not comprehensive, but still …

If you’re a search engine geek, like us, take a look.   Here’s a biochemistry example to play around with.

You can search for images within a specific journal, or in broad categories like Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, or Earth & Planetary Sciences, and you can limit by year of publication.

They did a nice job with the search results, – they’re nicely presented in a visual grid, you can do a quick zoom on the image, and there’s an option to check and download multiple pdfs with one click.

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