Summon – Continuing Improvements

Have you tried out Summon lately? The most recent update includes an enhanced database recommender that automatically analyzes your result list to provide recommendations for databases that are relevant to those results.  You will see these database recommendations at the top of your search results screen. Summon now also includes document citation counts (Times Cited) from the Web of Science. The help screen has also been updated to assist you with queries such as field searches or use of wildcards.

As Summon is continually being developed (search functionality) and updated (fresh content and new publishers), we are hearing about article discoveries that were not found through a native database search. Recently one graduate student wrote to me after locating an article on a very specific subject and said “I probably would not have found that article without Summon”

FYI, the Dartmouth College Library is not only an early adopter of Summon, but was a beta partner in it’s development. What that means at this point is that your feedback on use or usability of Summon is read by our local Summon task force, and Serials Solutions, the company that creates Summon.

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