I’m blogging about a recent blog post that is roundup of older blog posts on blogging in academia

After writing that title, maybe I have gained a sense of why some people refer to the “blogosphere” as an echo chamber.  But really, there is a very interesting (and potentially quite useful) piece from the ProfHacker blog on the Chronicle of Higher Education web site titled, “From the Archives: On Blogging”.  According to the “About ProfHacker” web page, “Monday through Friday, ProfHacker delivers tips, tutorials, and commentary on pedagogy, productivity, and technology in higher education.”

Over the months, and years, the ProfHacker folks have posted many different times, from different angles, about blogging and academia.  The “From the Archives: On Blogging” post provides links to a number of earlier posts on blogging-related topics, organized into categories like, “Why we blog”, “Using WordPress”, “Reading Blogs”, and “Teaching with Blogs”.  Some of the posts are mostly “how to” or “tips and tricks” focused, while others are more ambitious and theoretical (while still being practical).  Browsing through these posts might tip you over the edge, and have you considering getting your own weB LOG…or maybe setting up an RSS feed to keep up with the ProfHacker gang.

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