Tech tools and toys

A good way to kick off the week!

Below are a selection of links to a variety of intriguing web tools and applications for the early adopters among you.   Thanks to Hope Leman (Research Information Technologist –  translation: a librarian-slash-info tech guru) for annotating and posting this list.

An easy to use web-based tool that lets you make stunning timelines for just about anything.

Instant screencasts for Twitter

When you have to think like a marketer

If you sell something online you really need to try SnapEngage.

PowerPoint Diagrams for Scientific Presentations Ready to Use and Easy to Edit

The Pros and Cons of Twitter Newspapers

Based on the premise that unless scientists publish ALL data, including negative and unpublished results, we will never achieve access to the sum of all scientific knowledge.

Nice infographic on the semantic Web

18 Awesome Survey & Poll Apps

Mute Twitter users by keywords!

A web-based Twitter client (currently in early development) that allows you to control what you see (and more importantly what you don’t see) in your twitterstream.

Can’t find a link you’ve shared? automagically collects the links you share online … and makes them searchable.

Dryad is an international repository of data underlying peer-reviewed articles in the basic and applied biosciences.

A demo that shows how natural language analysis can be used to choose among many specialized options and features that Google Search has, such as News, Blogs, Books, etc.

Create beautiful, reproducible documents including graphs and analysis from your raw data and code.

An online tool to aide in the practice of active reading, research, and citation management.

Find and use the genomics resources relevant to your needs

Tracking QR Code Performance
Mind-mapping tools
Create a twitter business card with your contact info

For image searching, embedding, attributing

Read It Later

Interesting  slideshow, “Why Aren’t we There Yet” on Open Science in biology


See how you can build an iPhone or Android app in minutes

PubCrawler is a free “alerting” service that scans daily updates to the NCBI Medline (PubMed) and GenBank databases

Open Attribute
A simple way to attribute Creative Commons-licensed works on the web

Study on Impact of Journal Data Policies
Towards understanding the impact of journal data archiving policies on attitudes, experiences, and practices of authors

How to License Research Data
A useful guide

Coming soon to a searchbox near you!

The easiest, fastest, fairest, and best way to lend and borrow Kindle™ books.

Yet another tool for social curation (discovery and sharing)—cute video too.

Google Public Data Explorer

The Digitization of Science:
Reproducibility and Interdisciplinary Knowledge Transfer

Very edifying sets of slides here.   From a symposium at the AAAS Annual Meeting in February.

Many Eyes
Create a visualization in three easy steps

Google Recipe View
A recipe search that exploits semantic web data in RDFa

This is a for-profit company (“rich media marketing software”), but it does have some interesting things to look at.   Showcase

BMJ Open launches with innovative new features

And I thought my self-correcting IBM Selectric II was cool.  …

One thought on “Tech tools and toys

  1. Hi, Jane. Wow, how neat to be called a guru. Too cool.

    And never missing an opportunity to plug the services I work on, I would like to suggest that your patrons (who are lucky to have such a witty, skillful librarian as you) try out ScanGrants and ResearchRaven

    We try on them to list (in the case of ScanGrants) funding opportunities in the health sciences and (in the case of ResearchRaven) publishing opportunities and meeting notices in the health sciences, medical humanities, bioethics and the health-related social sciences. I spend hours trolling on the Web looking for such things and stuffing them as quickly as I can into ResearchRaven and ScanGrants so that researchers can get on with curing diseases and preventing them.

    There! That is my plug for the day! Thank you for your patience. And thanks for formatting all those links so very elegantly.

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