Help us help you – Research Guides 3 minute survey

Research Guides, 3 minute survey

Since the beginning of Winter Term, you may have noticed the red “3 minute survey – Help us help you!” button that appears at the top of all of the Library’s Research Guides.  Our research guides are one of the key methods that we, in the library, employ to try and connect with you, out in the world.  We are very interested in making these resources as helpful to you as we are able.  I can assure you that we spend a lot of time thinking about our guides and how to improve them…but, you get to a certain point and you realize that you really need to hear from the people using these tools to understand how best to improve them: enter the 3 minute survey.

The red button really says it best, “help us help you!”  Please take three minutes when you can spare them and help us help you by filling out this survey.  The main Research Guides page lists all of the guides by subject and also provides an additional tab to “Browse all Research & Course Guides A-Z”, and is available here:

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