GeoRef: New platform preview

GeoRef, a major database for geoscientists (what we old school types  like to call an index to the literature), will be moving later this spring to a new, updated, and easier to use interface.

Preview the new look and feel of GeoRef here

Some changes to note:

  • Automatic relevance ranking of results
  • Easy to use “facets” (limiters) to the right of your search results
  • Easier access to previously-buried search tools like the GeoRef Thesaurus of subject terms and the GeoRef Classification Codes

Not everything is perfect in this new and improved version … I’m a little perplexed by the autosuggest feature (you know, when you start typing “slope stability” and the dropdown box suggests “slippery slope and assisted suicide”).** Another quirk is that some of the “lookup tools” relate not to GeoRef but to all the databases that ProQuest offers, so if you go to look up Subject Headings or Classification Codes, you might find yourself browsing through NAICS Industry Codes (used by MBA types) or an index of chemical substances.
** News flash – they seem to have fixed the autosuggest feature just in the past two weeks.  Keep those comments coming!

We’ll be holding info sessions before the new version officially rolls out … in the meantime, see what you think and send me your feedback!

Search GeoRef

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