Welcome to Spring Term!

Classes have started and spring has finally arrived (appearances to the contrary). Welcome to spring term from your friends at Kresge Library! We’ll be here every day as you come looking for …

  • course reserves for classes in astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, many environmental studies and geography courses (some of these can be in Baker Berry), and physics
  • good places to study – whether you like to study in a carrel with laser-like intensity or spread out at a table, to work with friends and classmates or work your ideas out on a whiteboard, Kresge’s got what you need. And be sure to take a few minutes, at least, to relax in a comfy chair near our sunny windows and look at the Times or the Valley News.
  • a  group study room where you can work on group projects, carry out study sessions, or practice presentations … there’s a projector for you to use and a big whiteboard
  • useful amenities … the (free) scanner, the Greenprint printer, plus you can borrow things like calculators and headphones and rulers from the front desk
  • real live help! Jane, Ann, and Noah (in fact all of us at Kresge) have “HELPING STUDENTS USE THE LIBRARY” as the biggest (and most fun!) part of our job descriptions.

Enjoy the start of term!

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