The (old fashioned) way of browsing new books

New Book Display at Kresge LibraryI have just returned to New Hampshire from some travel and fresh in my mind are the many experiences I enjoyed while I was away.  I visited a variety of book stores in a number of different cities during my travels and spent many pleasant hours browsing through interesting books.  There is something about browsing through books…you know, the kind you hold in your hand and flip through the pages.  You read the blurbs on the back cover, glance at the table of contents, maybe read the introduction.  You might take the book and sit down with it for a more substantial introduction.  This process of meeting a new book in person feels so different than browsing on a computer.  Do you know what I mean?  Have you had a similar experience?

A few months ago, Ann posted here about the ins and outs of keeping abreast of new additions to the Kresge Library electronically (see her post for important details and suggestions).  This really is an excellent way to keep current and to stay on top of the great new books joining our collection.  However, if you find yourself in the mood for that more substantial introduction, don’t forget that all of the books that are new to Kresge spend some time on the new books display across from the circulation desk (just after you enter the library from the Fairchild atrium).  Books on the new books display can be checked out at any time (no need to for a long courtship as the display period plays itself out).  We also have comfortable padded chairs in the library, so when you are getting acquainted, there is always a cozy spot to head off to.  Enjoy.

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