Article Image Search

Images from published articles can be searched for in many of our digital resources. For example, if you need a photograph of the Large Hadron Collider or a diagram of a multi-core processor, you can do an image search in Academic Search Premier. Towards the bottom of this the Academic Search Premier search screen, use the limiter for Image Quick View to see only results with graphs, tables, illustrations, diagrams or maps.

Our databases on the CSA platform such as GeoRef use what they refer to as Deep Indexing. You can also search for data tables as they are published within articles. Look for Deep Search records for data included in image objects. Use command searches to search on image objects or statistical tests.

From the creator of PubMed, we have an image search called NCBI Images. A search in this image database will reveal images from the wide variety of subjects covered including medicine, biology, chemistry and ecology.

Science Direct (Elsevier journals). Search for images in Science Direct by selecting the Images radio button on the search screen.

SpringerImages is a collection of scientific images that spans the scientific, technical and medical fields. When you search SpringerImages, you will be searching a limited set of as we do not have a direct subscription to this images database.

As our library resources and subscriptions change, you may see additional images search features elsewhere. Let me know if you know of another resource to add to this list! Any questions about accessing these images, just ask. Your use of these images varies depending on the source and copyright holder.

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