We ♥ Our Student Assistants

Kresge Library’s Student Assistants are at the ♥ of our operations.    In honor of National Student Employment Week, we offer the following observations:

  • Kresge Library is open every week for a total of 98 hours, and every one of those hours has one of our capable students at the desk ready to assist you.  (For 30 of those hours, they run the place on their own.  🙂
  • We have 20 student assistants working at Kresge this term:
    7 seniors (11’s), 7 juniors (12’s) and 6 sophomores (13’s).
  • Each of our student assistants receives up to 7 hours of training on our policies, procedures, and systems, and completes numerous Blackboard quizzes and refreshers.
  • Majors?  an amazing range of talent and interests, from sociology and economics and government to computer science.

From checking out books and answering phones, to working in the stacks to reshelve and check that books are in order so that you can easily find them (just stop any of our students and say “How do you like shelf-reading?”), to creating signs and posters and displays, to helping us review and revise policies … our student assistants are a big part of our staff, and we’re glad to take a moment to recognize how much we depend on their many talents, great attitude, and hard work.

PS Don’t forget to stop by the Student Employee Appreciation Celebration on Tuesday, from noon-4pm in Collis Common Ground!  Everyone is invited to attend and celebrate the efforts and accomplishments of the student employees on our campus.  Featuring guest speaker Sylvia Spears, Acting Dean of the College, there will be refreshments, live entertainment, and raffle prizes for student employees.  Don’t miss out!

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