SciFinder – Great New Features

SciPlanner screenshot

More to love from the folks at CAS.

SciFinder has introduced some very nice new features (see why they wanted us all to move to the Web?  Imagine if we had to update the old SciFinder Scholar software every time something like this came out.)

  • SciPlanner, a ground-breaking interactive workspace (well, maybe not ground-breaking … looks a lot like the Reaxys Synthesis Planner to me.  But nifty all the same.)    SciPlanner is like a clipboard to which you can save reaction information, substances, and references as you come across them in your SciFinder ramblings.   Reaction schemes can be easily combined and visualized;  create your own preferred reaction pathways from individual reactions across multiple publications in the CAS databases,  consolidate the info in one place, with references, structures, associated reaction schemes and so forth.   You can create nice reports from your SciPlanner workspace as well.
  • Citation sorting.   Familiar to fans of Web of Science, this feature allows you to sort your SciFinder results set by the number of times an article has been cited in the literature.   Influential papers and authors bubble up to the top.   Be careful though!   CAS has only been tracking citations since 1997, so for articles published before that time, there will be a chunk of citations missing.    But for recent work, this is a terrific, highly recommended way to sort and view your search results.

Other convenient enhancements …

  • If you use ISIS/Draw, you can now copy and paste structures directly into SciFinder’s structure editor.
  • Citation data has been added to MEDLINE records, so you can easily link to articles cited from a particular MEDLINE reference.   (You DID know that SciFinder automatically includes MEDLINE … didn’t you?)   This will mostly be useful for biochemistry and biophysical chemistry researchers.

That about sums it up!   Read the blurb here (What’s New in SciFinder).   For a quick intro to SciPlanner, view these quick video tutorials:

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