Too Much Spam in Your Inbox?

There is help for dealing with spam, and sometimes we need to take action and update software or settings in order to have more control over what appears in our inbox. Dartmouth computing presently offers a few ways to handle email spam.

If you use the Blitzmail client, you can change the strength of the computing spam filtering. You can see the spam filter setting by opening up Blitz, selecting the green folders icon and changing your Filter Threshold using the slider. For this to work, you need to specify a folder other than your inbox. If you do not specify an alternate folder, you will not see any change. Make sure that you create or already have a folder other than your inbox to point your spam into. I created a quick screencast on changing your spam filter setting within Blitzmail. This example was created using the Macintosh Blitzmail client. If you use the Windows version of Blitzmail, the spam filter options are shown using Blitzmail preferences within this screenshot.

If you use a third-party client and IMAP to receive your email, you can setup your Windows or Mac to use the software spamassassin. If you are using the Microsoft email client Outlook, Dartmouth Computing offers these simple instructions for altering your Outlook spam/junk email settings.

On occasion, email that is not spam or junk will be placed in your spam or junk mail folders. Be sure to check them from time-to-time to make sure that you do not miss important emails.

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