Mobile Science

First off, a confession, – I nabbed that catchy title from the first site on the list below.  It’s too hot to be original, besides I’ve got to go start my grill.

ACS Mobile won prizes

Here’s a short, no-frills list of great sites where you scientists-on-the-go can find scientific mobile apps for your iPad, iPod Touch or smartphone.

Mobile Science – the website that inspired me to write.  No way could I pass up a chance to point you towards ChemDoodle Mobile, LabTimer, MathRef, MObile REagents (MORE) and the Mobile Molecular Datasheet.   Lots on this list for the non-chemist too, — geologists will rejoice to see Google Earth mobile, a Strike and Dip app, and Seismograph.   And who wouldn’t want to have Wolfram|Alpha at their fingertips ….

The mobile versions of Science and Nature are listed here of course, probably better pick them up.   Then there’s PubMed on Tap.

ACS Mobile gets special props for the “Best New eProduct in Physical Sciences and Mathematics” and the “Best New eProduct/Innovation in ePublishing” awards from The Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers.  And then there’s SciFinder mobile, a recent entrant to the mobile lists.

Our chums in Educational Technologies have a great guide here to articles and resources for teaching with iPads.   In addition to listing additional apps of interest, you’ll find articles about iPads in education and info on what’s going on at other institutions.

And finally, some additional mobile-friendly Library research databases and programs are listed here on the Collections Program page.

I wish my phone were smarter.

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