Art and Science @ CERN (from Physics World)

In this brief, ~3 minute, video from the folks at Physics World, you can watch an interview with Ariane Koek, the head of CERN’s arts program.  Yes, CERN has an arts program!  Ms. Koek tells physics reporter James Dacy, “The scientists here [at CERN] are very creative, very engaged in things other than particle physics.”  Through Ms. Koek, the CERN arts program appoints artists (both established and young up-and-comers) as creative patrons.  One such creative patron whose recent sculpture is featured in the video (still in its shipping crate in a CERN warehouse) is celebrated British artist Antony Gormley.  Mr. Gormley’s sculpture reflects the impact that particle physics has had on his work.

Perhaps we’re not quite at the level of CERN’s arts program, but the Kresge Library also has something of an arts program.  Stop by Kresge to view our current art exhibit, illustration works by Bryan Ballinger.  For more information about Kresge’s arts program, see Jane’s January 10 post, “Appreciating the Arts in Kresge”.

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