ACM Launches Digital Library 2.0

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) launched a new search interface last Fall for the ACM Digital Library. The new platform allows ACM to offer bibliographic enhancements such as author profiles, and the recently released institutional profiles. The institutional profiles like the one for Dartmouth College include a number of metrics related to ACM publications by Dartmouth authors. For example, the most downloaded article in the previous six weeks is Puzzled by Peter Winkler. And as of this week, the most cited article by a Dartmouth author in an ACM publication is The measurement of user information satisfaction by Blake Ives, Margrethe H. Olson, and Jack J. Baroudi.

There has been some confusion about the difference between the ACM Digital Library (DL), and the Guide to Computing Literature. The ACM DL is a large and mostly fulltext collection of ACM publications including ACM journals, conference proceedings, magazines, newsletters and multimedia files. The ACM Guide to Computing Literature includes all of the ACM DL and more than 1000 additional journals, conference proceedings, books and dissertations.

The default search in the new interface includes results only from ACM publications. When you expand your search by selecting the ‘Guide’, your results include citations to ACM publications, as well as publications from major publications in computing that are not published by the ACM. You can view this brief screencast to learn how to switch your search from the DL to the Guide.

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