Summer Reading Sources for Ebooks

As you know, access to e-books is increasing and changing every day. Our Library collection includes over 350,000 e-book titles! These e-books are all listed in our online catalog. The titles will show in your search results just like any other search you perform but they usually will have an icon like the one included in this post.

But what if you just want to browse for e-books for a specific or generic ereader device. Sony Barnes & Noble and Amazon both offer a limited number of free titles for their readers. Additional places to locate e-books on the Internet include the Internet Archive (IA) and Project Gutenburg or see TeleRead for a catalog of free e-books.

Many of the e-books Dartmouth licenses can be downloaded in full for your e-book reading pleasure. If you have questions about a specific title or subject area for e-books, just ask your liaison librarian or you can Ask Us through this link.

Don’t forget that the Library has several Kindles pre-loaded with e-books you can check out in Baker-Berry Library at the circulation desk.



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