The Chemistry of Fireworks

This video needs no introduction from me!!

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More dazzling fun …

The Chemistry of Fireworks  (the Royal Society of Chemistry perspective … )
Kresge TP300 .R87 2000

“What’s That Stuff?  Fireworks”   – a terrific short piece from Chemical & Engineering News

“Chemical of the Week:  Fireworks!” – a fun and very animated site from the chem folks at the University of Wisconsin

“Anatomy of a Firework” – Nova focuses on the technology – launch tube, fuses, gunpowder, lift charge, … all against a dramatic black background!

and in the killjoy category …

“Pyrotechnics for the planet: chemists seek environmentally friendlier compounds and formulations for fireworks and flares” (C&EN, 2008)

“Fireworks shower perchlorate into water bodies”  (Environ. Science & Technol., 2007)

“2010 Fireworks Annual Report: Fireworks-Related Deaths, Emergency Department-Treated Injuries, and Enforcement Activities During 2010”  (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 2011)

and finally, in the “everything fun must be made educational” category …

“Using the Chemistry of Fireworks To Engage Students in Learning Basic Chemical Principles: A Lesson in Eco-Friendly Pyrotechnics”


Have a great fourth of July!!

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