The Mathematical Tourist

Ivars Peterson, an award winning mathematics writer, has a passion for “cool stuff” that he encounters while browsing the world of mathematics and computer science. He writes about and shares images or stories of things such as new developments in math and its applications, old puzzles, famous problems, and historic events. Ivars also frequently writes about his encounters as a real life tourist. You may have read Ivar’s previous MathTrek columns in Science News.

I took this photograph of Ivars taking a photograph of a wall of tiles featuring mathematical computations outside the entrance to the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley CA.

You don’t have to travel far to see sculptures or art objects with mathematical themes as you can view some on the Dartmouth College campus. One outdoor sculpture known as Charles Perry’s D2D can be seen at the entrance to Wilder Hall. This sculpture from a mathematicians point of view could be called an orientable surface of genus zero spanning a link with four components, each of which is a flat circle.

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