Too hot to go outside? Stay inside and enjoy math!

Are you prepping to teach a class this Fall? The College Mathematics Journal is designed to enhance classroom learning. Inside CMJ, you will find articles from teaching techniques to examples of problems that can be included in classroom sessions. While you can access all of the journal content from the licensed access the Library offers, The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) includes additional collected lists by topic or problems on the CMJ website.

The American Mathematical Society has developed a digital archive of its mathematical research journals. Over 34,000 articles are available from over 100 years of  Journal of the AMS, Mathematics of Computation, Proceedings of the AMS, Transactions of the AMS, and Bulletin of the AMS.  While the library maintains our own historical collection of these mathematics titles, AMS has made all back issues older than five years freely available in electronic format. Through our library subscription, you can also now access digital issues of Notices of the AMS.

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