siam e-books

For more than 50 years, SIAM books have been source of knowledge for the applied mathematics and computational science communities. SIAM has recently released their book library in digital format and we have licensed this package for the Library collection. Approximately 400 titles are offered initially. Approximately 20-25 new SIAM ebooks will be added to this collection as they are released each year.

These titles are in our library catalog and they can be accessed and searched from the siam e-books website.

SIAM ebooks can be crossed searched along with SIAM ejournals. The books are published in PDF format. When viewing a chapter title list, just click on the word pdf and your file will open or download depending on setting within your browser. The files do not carry DRM coding or restrictions but of course are under copyright. All 14 of the SIAM book series are included in this digital release. Subject areas for these SIAM titles include:

• Aerospace engineering
• Biological sciences
• Chemical engineering
• Computer science
• Control and optimization
• Data mining
• Economics and finance
• Electrical engineering
• Image processing
• Industrial engineering
• Management sciences
• Mathematical programming
• Mechanical engineering
• Operations research
• Physics
• Simulation and modeling
• Social sciences
• Statistics and probability

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