Kaye & Laby online

The eponymous Kaye & Laby

You know something’s really good when people just refer to it by its authors’ names.   Beilstein.   Kirk-Othmer.   Also, when something’s in its sixteenth edition, that doesn’t hurt either.

Welcome to Kaye and Laby Online!    This is the FREE (I love that part) version of the venerable Kaye & Laby Tables of Physical & Chemical Constants, made available to the public courtesy of the UK’s National Physical Laboratory  (like our NIST).

Major content headings of this online handbook include units & fundamental constants, general physics, chemistry, atomic and nuclear physics, engineering data, statistical methods, lab safety and quality assurance.  The primary criterion for the inclusion of material is usefulness — that it should be of value not only to specialists but more generally to scientists working in a variety of fields.   You’ll find fundamental physical and chemical properties, formulae, equations and graphs.    Bond lengths and angles?   It’s here.   Vapour (they’re Brits, remember) pressure of some liquids of low volatility?    Look no further.    Cosmic rays?   No problem.     It’s full-text searchable too.

Kaye & Laby

and finally,

The UK’s National Physical Laboratory.   I think we should all send them a thank-you note.

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