GreenPrint … more to love

Kresge’s new GreenPrint printer offers the following heartwarming features:

  • Print, scan or photocopy
  • Just swipe your ID card to call up your print job and debit your GreenPrint account
  • Single OR double-sided *
  • Black&White OR color *

* You modify these settings on your computer, in the printer properties settings, when you submit your print job

To use the new GreenPrint, you will need to download and install updated GreenPrint software, available on Computing’s GreenPrint website.  

Kresge still has the flatbed Indus scanner with the monitor, which is particularly appropriate if you have a long chapter or article to scan (so as not to cause a bottleneck at the GreenPrint station). Scans on both the new GreenPrint printer/copier AND on the Indus scanner can be either B&W or color. You can email scanned files, or (only on the Indus flatbed scanner) save them to a USB flash drive. Scanning is free.

Any questions?   See one of our wonderful student assistants or ask any Kresge staff person for a demo.

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