First Ever Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal Archive Goes Open Access

The Royal Society has opened access permanently to their journal archive which contains Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, first appearing in 1665. Treasures in the archive include Isaac Newton’s first published scientific papergeological work by a young Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin’s celebrated account of his electrical kite experiment, and Experiments Relating to Phlogiston by Joseph Priestly.

This online searchable archive allows for free access for articles greater than 70 years from date of publication.  Readers with a Dartmouth College affiliation have access to additional Royal Society journal content.

This announcement has been timed to coincide with Open Access Week. If you are curious about things such as perpetual motion devices or Some Anatomical Observations of Milk Found in Veins, Instead of Blood, you might disagree with Boing Boing’s characterization of this release as a productivity killer 🙂

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