arXiv receives $60,000 planning grant

Those of us who are fans of the arXiv (once known as the LANL preprint server, back in the olden days* ) have been following with interest the story of its evolution from quixotic volunteer effort to sustainable open publishing model.   The $60,000 planning grant provided by the Simons Foundation goes to support the development of a long-term governance model for the repository, which is maintained by Cornell University Library.
(*Historical footnote:  the preprint server was started by physicist Paul Ginsparg at Los Alamos National Lab, and came with him to Cornell in 2001.)

In January 2010, Cornell University Library took a first bold step by launching a sustainability initiative that has created a voluntary, collaborative business model by engaging the institutions that benefit most from arXiv’s services. So far this year, 129 institutions in 16 countries have pledged their support, totaling $382,000 (see the 2010 story from The Chronicle).   It all just underscores the point that open access doesn’t mean that information doesn’t cost anything to produce and maintain … in fact at the time the sustainability initiative was launched in 2010, Cornell Library estimated a cost of $400,000 a year to support arXiv.

More information:

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