IEEE Xplore Digital Library Expands Options and Features

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) digital library, IEEE Xplore, contains scholarly peer reviewed articles, conference publications, ebooks and trade publications published by IEEE. But it’s not only IEEE content that is hosted or discoverable through IEEE Xplore. The AIP/AVS Applied Physics Library is now hosted by IEEE and soon SIAM journals will be accessible through this platform. Our subscription includes access to over 500 IEEE and John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ebooks. You can find these titles in our Library catalog or through a search in Summon. You can also browse a new IEEE ebook title list.

The latest update to the IEEE Xplore interface includes many enhancements and additions. Create a free IEEE account  to use features such as saving your search history, combining searches and rerunning a previous search.

The IEEE collection includes the most highly cited journals in the engineering field. And you can also find articles written on most any topic. From painting and music to sociology and writing, IEEE Xplore may have research or recreational reading you could enjoy.

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