Pay Walls

You may notice more and more that publisher websites offer to sell you articles. And now, some publishers offer to rent you an article for 24 hours. There is never a charge for you to download articles we ‘own’ via our library subscriptions. In some cases you may see a pay wall on a publishers website due to website authentication issues. Please make sure that you are on our VPN when you are off campus and trying to download an article. You can check our library catalog or use the Ask Us! service to verify whether or not we have electronic access to a particular journal article.

The Dartmouth College Libraries will pay the cost of obtaining articles up to $35 for most members of the Dartmouth community. Due to our agreements with other libraries, the cost we pay to obtain articles may be less than what a publisher requests for a single copy of an electronic article. You or your department will never be charged document delivery fees without your pre-approval. More details about DartDoc are contained in the FAQ.

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