Sharpening up your skates? Read on

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As anyone from cold climates knows, living with lots of ice and snow can lead to a special appreciation of sports such as skiing, sledding, and skating.

Gliding for Gold: The Physics of Winter Sports brings us the science behind the sports of snow and ice:  skiing, skating, luge and bobsled, and variations – ski jumping, curling, ice hockey, snowboarding.  If you’ve ever wondered about the effect of sliding friction on the hockey stop, or aerodynamic drag on a bobsled, or how speed skaters benefit from drafting (that is from slipstreaming behind another skater) – this book’s for you!  Physics popularizer Mark Denny’s take on winter athletics lays out the physical principles that govern glaciated game play.

With chapter titles including “Solid Water – Sports and Science,” “Skating on Thin Ice,” and “Pucks and Rocks,” this book arrives from Johns Hopkins University Press just in time for the winter season.    Check it out at Kresge!   Currently on the New Books Display shelf, or find it in the stacks at QC73 .D46 2011.

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