What’s Cooking in the Library?

Are you preparing food for the current and upcoming holidays? You may find a cookbook or two in the Library where you can add to your tried and true recipe collection. We have numerous cookbooks or food related titles in our collection that have been purchased for classroom support as well as recreational use.

You have access to numerous electronic books dating from 1500 to 2011. These earliest books come from Early English Books Online, an electronic collection containing facsimile image files for most books published in England from 1475 to 1700. Older titles such as This is the boke of cokery from 1500 are difficult to read. A more recent title from 1655, The Compleat cook, has a recipe using eggs, ginger, flour, butter, white wine, and sugar, that I hope to try this weekend called To make Buttered Loaves. Newer cookbooks available to you anywhere you have Internet access include Cooking for geeks : real science, great hacks, and good food (for anyone with geek tendencies),  Oriental foods and herbs : chemistry and health effects, (published by the American Chemical Society) or for history fans, The U.S. history cookbook : delicious recipes and exciting events from the past.

Of course we have many cookbooks in print, including some in our science libraries. And that will be the subject of another blog post!

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