What does Delayed Access or Embargo Mean for a Journal?

Many journals we have electronic access to include a period of time ranging from several months to three years or more where our electronic access is limited. These limits are often referred to as an embargo, delayed, or rolling access. This type of delayed access can occur with traditional scholarly journals, or newer open access publications.

We may enjoy access to some embargoed content through our subscription to full-text databases such as Academic Search Complete. While we subscribe to thousands of journals and have ready access to their current content, there are many journals we have access to without subscription. In this latter case, our access may be embargoed.

There is a movement for the public to have access to government funded research and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has mandated access to NIH funded research within twelve months of publication. The National Science Federation (NSF) is also moving towards providing public access to NSF funded research.

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