Grad Students! Get Out The Popcorn …

… and settle down with this excellent series of short videos from the American Chemical Society on publishing your research.  ACS Publishing created the video series based on feedback received during multiple campus visits by ACS editorial groups (called “ACS On Campus”) during which both faculty and graduate students expressed interest in understanding more about topics such as how to get a manuscript accepted, how to respond to reviewer comments, ethical considerations for authors and reviewers, and more.

There are five episodes in the series so far.  Entitled “Publishing Your Research 101: Practical Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers,” the series begins with an interview with Harvard chemist George M. Whitesides (who has over 1100 articles published overall, nearly 600 with ACS, and who has served on the advisory boards of nine peer-reviewed journals).  This first episode, “How to Write a Paper to Communicate your Research,” touches on questions like:

  • When should you begin to think about writing up your research for publication?
  • How many drafts does each paper undergo? Do you have your papers undergo an internal review?
  • How do you choose your areas for research?
  • Have you ever had a paper rejected?  If so, what was your response?
  • Do authors need to be thinking of marketing their articles?
  • How concerned should I be about the title and abstract of my papers?

The remaining episodes are equally practical and direct, including interviews and thoughtful comments from prominent authors and editors of ACS journals.

Episode 2: Writing Your Cover Letter
Episode 3: Selecting Peers to Suggest as Reviewers
Episode 4: Submitting Your Manuscript Using the ACS Paragon Plus Environment
Episode 5: Ethical Considerations for Authors and Reviewers

Coming soon, Episode 6 will address the review process.

Two thumbs up!  An outstanding contribution by ACS Publications.

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