Thank you, Graduate Students!

Dartmouth graduate students at a DCAL session

This is Dartmouth’s Graduate Student Appreciation week.  Thank you graduate students for all you contribute to your fields of research and to the Dartmouth community!  Learn more about what our grad students are doing and show your support by attending the Graduate Poster Session at the Top of the Hop from 5-7:30pm tonight.

Another way that Dartmouth shows appreciation and support for graduate students is through our National Science Foundation GK-12 Project: Fostering Scientific Creativity by Building Connections and Improving Science Communication Skills.  We are currently accepting applications (due April 16th) from STEM graduate students for our third year of a 5-year program designed to provide professional development to graduate students by pairing them with local middle school teachers.  GK-12 graduate fellows spend ~10-15 hrs/week for an entire year working with a local teacher to inspire the next generation of scientists. GK-12 fellows are supported by a weekly seminar related to teaching, learning, and communication.  In exchange for their participation, graduate students receive a 12-month graduate fellowship including a stipend of $30,000 plus health insurance reimbursement.  (Because the funding is from NSF, only US citizens and permanent residents are eligible.)

So far 14 Dartmouth graduate students have participated in GK-12.  Fellows have told us that participation in the program has:

  • enabled me to translate PhD-level science to broader audiences
  • greatly enhanced my presentation, communication, and leadership skills
  • helped me manage my time better and be more productive
  • made me understand my own research better

and many share the the fun moments they’ve had in the classroom and say they look forward to their GK-12 time.

Applications for the upcoming year (July-June) are due on April 16th.  Stop by the GK-12 poster at the poster session tonight to learn more!

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