Think You Know Google Search? Think Again.

Google is rolling out new search engine features that include the first offering for Google’s semantic search. Semantic, or meaning based search, holds the promise of giving better search results. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Google Gives Search a Refresh, we will see more content to provide context, alongside links to search results.

Google has made 50 recent changes to it’s search. Only a few are mentioned in this post. Google continually works to improve the speed of search. Their own studies have shown that a reduction in speed of 100 to 400 milliseconds results in a decrease in the amount of search queries.

Google has recently incorporated social results along side search results. You may notice the addition of +1 button or other social icons.

You may have noticed recently that Google removed quick access to Google Scholar. You can still search Google Scholar as before, it’s just not as easy to locate the direct link. Other advanced Google search options are still available as well. Try out the Advanced Scholar SearchAdvanced Google Search, and Advanced Book Search.

I don’t really agree with the Google tweet I included as an image in this post. From the text in Google’s tweet, the only part I agree with is “Google + rolling out now”. Google is rolling, but is it going somewhere useful for a serious researcher? That remains to be seen.

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