Help your Students Become Better Searchers

We all use Google. Yes, even your librarians do. More and more content is added to the Internet every day. An increasing amount of published material is searchable through Google search, not just via Google Scholar.

And we know that students often use the simple Google search box with a natural language query and do little more to refine or target their search.

It is important that we teach our students to use effective web search to locate quality sources. Profhacker in The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published twice on this topic. It’s that important. In Teaching Students to Search with ‘Google Search Education Evangelism’ and a recent update, Profhacker highlights a fairly new Google site, Google Search Education.

Google Search Education includes lesson plans, videos and other content that can be downloaded and used in classrooms. Your subject librarian can provide you with individual instruction. Or for faculty, we can create targeted classroom, web-based, or other types of content to help your students become better searchers. Just ask!

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