GeoWord of the Day

Mud circle.
Phase velocity.
Grid method.
Distribution ratio.
Sheepback rock.

Question: What’s a whole lot more fun than the SAT Word of the Day?    The newly launched AGI GeoWord of the Day, that’s what.

Sign up to get the (free) GeoWord of the Day by email.     Terms and definitions are from the AGI Glossary of Geology (5th edition, revised) which is a whole party all by itself.   The Glossary will brighten your day with excursions into the mysteries of sound-alike pairs, like sylvanite (a mineral) and sylvinite (a rock); the origin of terms; abbreviations and acronyms common in the geosciences; the meaning of certain prefixes; and the preferred term of two or more synonyms.

Go on and get yourself signed up.  Then come tell me what the heck a sheepback rock is; inquiring minds want to know.

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