Credit For Datasets

Royal Society advocates for equal credit for datasets and journal articles

Interesting article, originally from London’s Times Higher Education, reported in today’s Inside Higher Ed.   The article summarizes the findings of a major report of the UK’s Royal Society,  just released,  “Science as an Open Enterprise: Open Data for Open Science,” which echoes many themes and conclusions familiar to U.S. scientists funded by NSF and NIH grants.

“The report … says the routine publication of datasets in intelligible, assessable and usable formats which it calls “intelligent openness,” would also allow a new breed of data scientists to search for unsuspected relationships, such as between disease mechanisms and the properties of drug-like compounds. Such openness would also improve the detection of scientific error and, in areas such as climate science and genetic modification, help to build public trust in science.  …

“The Royal Society report also urges journals to require authors to make available – in institutional or subject repositories – datasets on which the conclusions of papers depend.  Funders should also require datasets produced with their funding to be publicly accessible, and should cover the costs of’ ‘curating’ them, the report argues.”

Read the full article here (Inside Higher Ed, June 22, 2012)

See the final report of the Royal Society here (Science as an Open Enterprise, published June 2012).  Includes case studies of data use and data repositories

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