Bang! Boom! The Chemistry of Fireworks

We never get tired of fireworks.  

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Last year we shared this ACS Chemistry of Fireworks video in a New & Notable blogpost (which we still think is pretty awesome) …

… and this year, we found a whole YouTube playlist of fireworks, including London’s New Year’s fireworks displays from 2011 and 2012, the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Fireworks display, and other incredible displays from Dubai, Taipei, Nagano, Hong Kong, Montreal, and Auckland … truly global celebrations.

And!  Here’s a new contribution from ACS about the chemistry behind it all, … and get ready to take notes because this one’s got all the juicy details and uses words like hygroscopicity and perchlorates and emission spectra.    (Tip start the webinar at 3:57 to skip the first four minutes of webinar lint).   It starts off kind of slow but it’s really interesting once it gets going.

Have a dazzling 4th of July!

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