AGU Enters Publishing Partnership with Wiley

On July 2nd, the American Geophysical Union Board of Directors approved a publishing partnership with Wiley-Blackwell.   Excerpts below are from a recent news article in EOS (31 July 2012) and from the announcement by AGU president Michael McPhaden :

“AGU has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Wiley-Blackwell to partner in journal and book publishing. The agreement, effective 1 January 2013, is a significant step forward in transforming AGU publishing consistent with our strategic plan goal of scientific leadership and collaboration.  …

“…  Under terms of the agreement, AGU will retain control and ownership of all of its journals and the scientific aspects of publishing, including editorial policy, content ownership, control, and oversight. As in the past, AGU will select editors who will have full authority over the scope, peer review, and selection of content. The editors will be supported by editorial staff employed by AGU, and GEMS will continue to be AGU’s manuscript submission software.
Effective 1 January 2013, Wiley-Blackwell will assume the postacceptance functions of journal production, marketing and sales, distribution, and subscription management. The company will provide the systems that support all of these functions.” …

Evolution of AGU Publishing

“Discussions about evolution and growth of AGU’s publishing program have been ongoing for several years. Positioning the program for the future in a rapidly changing publications environment and marketplace is the number one priority under the scientific leadership and collaboration goal of AGU’s strategic plan. Consideration of partnering was recommended in a strategic review of publications conducted in 2011 by external consultants.” …

Selection of Wiley-Blackwell

“Wiley-Blackwell was chosen because of its cultural fit with AGU and AGU’s core values, its commitment to new publishing models such as open access, its demonstrated capacity to expand the breadth and depth of AGU’s scholarly publishing, and its innovative approach to technology and new product development. Central to Wiley-Blackwell’s business model is partnerships with societies like AGU, so we share many organizational values and strategic priorities relative to publishing.

“Wiley-Blackwell already has a strong presence in the geosciences with more than 50 journals in the Earth and environmental sciences. The company’s current titles complement rather than compete with AGU’s current titles. Wiley-Blackwell’s U.S. partners include the American Water Resources Association and the Paleontological Society, and its U.K. partners include the Geological Society of London and the Royal Meteorological Society.

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