JACS Beta calls itself the testing ground for the ACS Publications web platform.

The JACS Beta site offers some intriguing glimpses into possible future directions for scientific publishing.   Right now, for example, the following projects are available for you to explore, comment, and vote on:
  • Audio JACS spotlights
  • JACS Select (thematic collections of recently published papers)
  • JACS cover art podcasts
  • ACS journal cover library
  • Video abstracts of recent JACS articles, filmed by the authors
  • Multi-language article display (using Google Translate)
  • Downloadable ChemDraw files for the figures and reaction schemes in JACS articles

While you’re at it, take a look at the JACS Beta ‘graduates’:

  • Mobile TOCs for JACS on the ACS Mobile app
  • Grid view TOC
  • JACS image challenge (fun for Wednesdays)
  • PubsHelp for Facebook – chat with an ACS publications support rep on their Facebook page

Now that’s what a testing ground should be.

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