New Exhibit: Photographs by Lane Wilder

Welcome to a fresh new fall term! When you come for a visit to Kresge, be sure to see our newest art exhibit! Featuring photographer Lane Wilder’s extraordinary botanical close-ups and more! While you contemplate and dive into the beauty of these photos, consider submitting your own photos to our next “Community of Scientists” slideshow!



On display through fall term!

On display through fall term!

Artist Biography:

Lane Wilder graduated from Swarthmore College about 99 years ago, with degrees in engineering and sociology. Since then she has worked primarily as a grant proposal writer in higher education. In recent years she has been an at-home mom and PTO treasurer, both of which she has found difficult to carry out with consistent grace and good humor. Having had enough, thanks, she is newly enrolled at Lehigh University where she is studying for a master’s degree in structural engineering, and loving it so far. (Cross fingers.)

Lane rediscovered her interest in photography while on an extended and semi-involuntary stay in India with her husband and two children. While most of the images chosen for this exhibit are botanical close-ups, she also mucks around with portraiture. Two of the earlier photos in this exhibit, Bee in Wisteria and Temple at Thiruvannamalai were taken with her point-and-shoot Sony Cybershot, and the rest, taken since 2010, are via her Canon Rebel T2i. She looks forward to getting her hands on a macro lens some day.

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