USGS Videos

“Forecast Mekong: Visualizing Shared Waters” is just one of the videos offered by the US Geological Survey

A nice way to pass a quiet half-hour on a Sunday afternoon!

The US Geological Survey has a terrific multimedia gallery that includes short videos of interest to students and researchers, and longer ones suitable for the classroom.

There’s a whole collection on floods, including

Other video sets cover volcanoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and landslides, tsunamis and sea-level rise (in the “Natural Disasters” collection – see the full list of collections here).

Some of the most interesting longer videos are part of a public lecture series (looks like this is a growing collection) …  I looked at a few minutes of “The View from Space: Landsat’s Role in Tracking Forty Years of Global Changes”  (helpfully closed-captioned, – this IS a library, after all!) and there’s another one that I might have to make time for called “Under Siege: Battling Flying Carp and Giant Pythons and How Science Can Help.”

Audio and podcasts, webcams, slidesets, and visualizations … lots to view and teach from, and all in the public domain … – your tax dollars at work.

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